Kaju Katli (Kaju Barfi)

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  • Rs. 220

• Apna Sweets only use “AKKHA” Kaju and Pure Desi Ghee of Premium Grade. AKKHA Kajus are also known as Whole Cashew.  These Kajus doesn’t get fungus on them. At the time of cut-throat competition, we are providing quality product to our customers with reasonable price.

• We maintain standard hygienic process at the time of manufacturing.

• No harmful flavours are added which will keep you healthy.

• Rose Water is used to maintain the softness of Kaju Katli.

• Diamond shape of Kaju Katli will mesmerize you completely.

• Apna Sweets committed to your health so we use Pure Ghee only because as per our tag line “We Always Think To Make Healthy Relations.” Once we are in relationship, cure and care naturally generated.

• You will enjoy the “Taste of Malwa”.

• Shelf life of Kaju Katli is 30 days (In Special Condition).


Whole Cashew (Akkha Kaju), Sugar, Water, Rose Water, Sliver Leafs (Chandi Barkh)