Milk Bites

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Product Description

Apna Sweets only use Branded & Selected Dry Fruits and Pure Desi Ghee of Premium Grade. At the time of cut-throat competition, we are providing quality product to our customers with reasonable price.

• We maintain standard hygienic process at the time of manufacturing.

• Some flavours are added in Bites but these are not harmful to health.

• Angular Shape of Bites is So Mouth Watering and its Royal Packing is awesome to gift anyone.

• You can’t resist yourself to say “WOW” to its tempting taste.

• Apna Sweets committed to your health so we use Pure Ghee only because as per our tag line “We Always Think To Make Healthy Relations.” Once we are in relationship, cure and care naturally generated..

• You will enjoy the “Taste of Malwa”.

• Shelf life of bites is 45 days (In Special Condition).


Ghee, Liquid Glucose, Sugar, Milk Powder, Cashew, Pista

(A)  Table-1 [Nutritional Profile]

Sr. No. Characteristics Unit Result
(i) Energy Kilo Calories/100g 545.27
(ii) Carbohydrate g/100g 53.80
(iii) Fat g/100g 31.95
(iv) Protein g/100g 10.63




Nutrition Facts

Serving Size :100 gm
Calorie 545.27 Kilo Calories
Calorie from fat 287.55 Kilo Calories


Nutritional Profile

Characteristics Result % Daily Value
 Protein, g 10.63 21.26
Fat, g 31.95 49.15
Carbohydrate, g 53.80 17.93


Calorie per Gram


Protein 4
Carbohydrate 4
Fat 9